Monty's Plant Foods

Bigger Blooms, More Crops!

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center

One of the best and most economical plant foods on the market today for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees is Monty’s Plant Vantage.

Monty’s all natural plant foods were originally used by Monty Justice to grow award winning roses. Neighbors and friends started using his unique plant food on other plants and discovered that it was easy to use, produced healthy plants and larger crops.

Today Monty’s Plant Foods are used by homeowners, in agriculture, greenhouses and by the turf and ornamental industry.

Monty’s Plant Vantage comes in 4 formulas; a growth formula, a rooting and blooming formula, a fruit and vegetable plant food and an all-purpose formula.

Monty’s Plant Food works best by spraying the leaves of the plants. All 4 formulas are mixed at the rate of only ½ teaspoon per gallon of water.

For bigger blooms, more crops and healthy roses, try Monty’s Plant Vantage, a safe plant food to use on all crops, available at Martin’s Pet and Garden Center in downtown Elkhart, where we make you the expert.

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