Lawn Care

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care

Martin's introduced its Do-It-Yourself lawn programs for our customers in the early 1980's. This program was intended for our self-sufficient customers who want to apply their own products on their own schedule. Applying the right product at the right time takes full advantage of the product's benefits which results in a much healthier and more attractive lawn. By consulting with one of our staff, you can feel confident in choosing the right products. We can also help you plan a schedule for the best results.

Today, we custom design several different lawn feeding programs to serve our diverse customers who have different lawn care needs. Whether it is an organic lawn care program, a program for brand-new lawns, a three- or four-step Ferti-Lome program, a program for several acres, or a program for a once-a-year applications, Martin's will match you with the appropriate lawn program.

Martin's Green Lawn Service began fertilizing lawns in 1982. While we sold fertilizer and spreaders long before that, customers expressed the need for someone to do the lawn application for them. From the beginning, our goal has been to assist customers in attaining a beautiful lawn. We strive to achieve this while also being as environmentally responsible as possible. We utilize many different formulations and types of lawn food, including organics and a six-month slow release lawn food.

All of our applicators are licensed and trained to apply lawn care products safely and effectively to your turf. We are always on the search for the best and most recent lawn care products out on the market. In addition to fertilizing residential lawns, we also service commercial turf areas and sports fields.

Our standard program includes four feedings of top-quality fertilizer, along with crabgrass and weed control. Our lawn technicians also observe the lawns for disease, proper watering, mowing height and weather-related problems.

Other options for lawns include:

  • Grub control

  • Disease control

  • Soil testing

  • Aerification or coring

  • Spot re-seeding

  • Insect control

  • Tree and shrub fertilization

  • Tree and shrub insect and disease control

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