Japanese Beetles

They feed on your favorite plants

This is a down to earth garden tip form Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

A good time to apply grub preventers to lawns is now through the end of July.  Applying grub preventers too early in April of May, or applying it too late, in August, may not be as effective.

How reliable are grub control products? According to a recently completed 25 year study of grub control by Michigan State University, applying the right amount of active ingredients to a specific square foot area at the recommended time is very reliable.

Before applying grub control products, mow the lawn first so there are no flowering weeds when  the insecticide broadcast. This protects the bees. Water the area immediately after applying with a half inch or more of water.

For questions about grub control products, stop by Martin’s pet and Garden in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert.

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