Ice Melt Products

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Last winter brought plenty of snow and ice around Northern Indiana. Ice on driveways and sideswalks can be hazardous and hard to remove during sub-freezing temperatures.

When using ice melting chemicals, consideration should be given to its effects on plants and grass. Also what does the chemical do to carpets and flooring when tracked into your house? What about new cement? And what about your pets?

Temperature is an important factor. Plain rock salt, which is the least expensive option only melts ice down to 20 degrees. ThawmasterTM is a combination of three ingredients along with a green dye that melts ice to -5 degrees.

Eco SaltTM is a salt based product that is coated with a by-product of sugar beets. Eco Salt is 80% less corrosive than plain salt and melts to -20 degrees. Eco Salt works fast and can keep on working for 2 to 3 days. It is safe for plants and grass.

Urea is actually fertilizer but is used on roofs and new cement to melt ice. Urea will no damager plants.

Whatever product you use, always follow the label directions. Whether you need one bag, or twenty tons, Martins can help you with your ice melting solutions.

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