HI-Yield's Killzall

Get rid of weeds

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center

Do you have weeds or grass growing where you don’t want them? Like the grass growing in gravel driveways or weeds coming up between cracks in sidewalks and cement?

Hi-Yield’s Killzall by Fertilome is a systematic weed and grass killer weeds and grass down to the roots.

It must be sprayed on actively growing weeds when temperatures are about 60 degrees. When Killzill is sprayed on the foliage of a weed, it translocates down to the roots to control the weed. Killzall has no soil activity so it won’t be picked up by tree roots or other desirable plants. Do no use it on a windy day as it can damage any plant it comes in contact with.

When using it next to desirable plants protect them a sheet of cardboard or put a bucket over the plant. Killzall will control poison ivy as well as many other hard to control weeds. It also can be used along fence rows, to edge around lawns or to control weeds in flower or ornamental beds.

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