Hanging Flower Baskets 2017

Great for any landscape

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

Even though the temperatures have been cool the last couple of days, flowers and flowering plants are just in time for Mother’s Day. Hanging baskets and patio containers are mini flower gardens with different color combinations and different types of plants growing together to create some very beautiful arrangements that will last all summer.

Many of the hanging baskets are grown in western pulp containers. At the end of the season, these pots can simply be broken up and tossed into your compost pile.

Sweet Fragrance and All the Rage are a couple of roses you can grow from the Easy Elegance collection. These disease resistant roses can brighten any landscape and would make a great long lasting Mother’s Day gift.

The Milkweed butterfly plant that attracts Monarch butterflies and hummingbirds, and Baltimore oriole feeders, are also great gifts for Mother’s Day, all from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert. 

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