Grub Free Zone

HI-Yield Fertilome

This is a down to earth garden tip form Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

Japanese and Asiatic beetles are out now, feeding on their favorite plants. These beetles wintered over as grubs in the soil and emerge for the next several weeks feeding on plants, mating and laying eggs in turf. These eggs will hatch in late summer as baby grubs, which can feed on the roots of grass.

If you have had a history of grub damaged turf or if you see an abundance of beetles feeding on your plants, now through mid-July is a good time to apply a grub preventive.

Grub preventers are applied in a granular form and should be watered after applying so that grass plants can take up the insecticide through the roots to protect the turf.

Hi-Yield’s Grub Free Zone III by Fertilome is labeled for several different species of grubs and comes in a 5000 square foot size bag. Grub Free Zone is available at Martin’s pet and Garden in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert.

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