Feed and Seed

Martin's Feed Store and Mill began grinding and selling feed to farmers back in 1922. Although we no longer sell to very many farms, we still sell horse feed, chicken feed, goat feed and plenty of other animal feeds.

We currently carry Purina®, Prince Feed® and Wild Bird Foods®; sunflower seed, nyjer seed, and other miscellaneous foods for our feathered friends. We also carry the Mazuri® line of exotic animal food and farm pond food and goldfish/koi food. We have a feed room where customers can purchase fresh feed by the pound from squirrel chow to ferret food!

Planting a new lawn? Our supply of grass seed includes low-maintenance, drought-tolerant mixes so your lawn will thrive naturally and easily. Our inventory of bulk seeds for gardening purposes include vegetable seeds, flower and vegetable packets and miscellaneous wildflower mixes.

Wild Birds (Click to view gallery)

While wild birds rely on wild foods for the majority of their meals, more than one hundred North American bird species supplement natural foods with birdseed, suet, fruit and nectar, obtained from feeders. Bird feeding benefits birds tremendously while providing pleasure for people year-round. This is especially true during the harsh winter months when natural food supplies for birds are scarce. However, additional species also visit feeders during spring and fall migrations, while some nesting birds utilize feeders heavily during the summer.To keep birds coming back to your feeders, provide them with three essential elements: the right variety of quality seed, a source of fresh drinking and bathing water, and ample cover.

Martin's Pet and Garden Center carries America's Favorite Brand Wild Bird Food, a quality line of bird food that will bring birds flocking to your feeder. Martin's also carries heated bird baths, squirrel food, deer food and corn for ducks. If you enjoy feeding the wildlife, visit us at Martin's Pet and Garden Center so you can be sure that you are feeding them safely and nutritiously!


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