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Pond Logic®

Pond Logic® products are a result of more than a decade of research and real-world testing. Pond Logic® was developed exclusively for pond and lake applications. It is a widely recognized brand among pond and lake owners with a reputation for a natural, simplified approach to pond management. Pond Logic® offers products for algae control, aquatic weed control, water quality issues and muck reduction.

Crystal Clear®

Crystal Clear® has been the proven solution and customer's first choice in ornamental water garden treatments for more than 20 years. Crystal Clear® products include an EPA-registered algaecide, several proprietary biological treatments for crystal clear water, a muck and sludge reducer, and several other quality pond treatments. We also carry AirMax® Aeration kits for ponds.

Six Reasons to Aerate Your Pond

1. A properly sized aerator adds valuable oxygen to a pond as effectively or better than a typical water feature.

2. Higher oxygen levels increase the number of natural bacteria in a pond, leading to healthier fish, cleaner water, and less organic buildup on the pond's bottom.

3. It replaces the need to use a de-icer or heater in the winter. Aeration releases gases from the pond and adds oxygen more effectively than maintaining just an opening in the ice. ALso, aerators are more energy efficient, saving you money all winter long.

4. It saves energy costs of running a waterfall pump in the winter. A properly sized aerator can aerate a pond effectively and efficiently on its own, allowing you to turn your waterfall pump on only when you're there to enjoy it. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

5. By running an aerator in conjunction with a waterfall pump, a pond will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

6. Fish love an aerated pond! Fish will gather and enjoy the effervescent bubbles coming up from the diffusers.

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