Emerald Ashborer

Ash trees aren't safe with this pest around


 The Emerald Ash Borer is responsible for the death of millions of Ash Trees in the United States.  They have infested many ash tree in Northern Indiana and Elkhart County.

    It is very difficult to determine whether an Ash tree is infested or not.  By the time the symptoms are obvious that the emerald ash borer is in a tree, it is usually too late to save the tree.  Five of the six signs of the borer occurs high in the tree.  The signs are:

  •   Very gradual thinning of branches at the top of the tree.
  •   D-shaped holes where the adult beetle emerges in May.
  •   Woodpeckers chipping off  the bark.
  •   Splits in the bark of the tree.
  •   S-shaped tunnels visible beneath the splits.
  •   New shoots suddenly growing from the base of the tree.

    If three of these symptoms are found, the tree is probably infested and is too late to save. 

    The adult beetle is metallic green in color and is about 1/2 inch long


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