Brown Spots 2017

Many causes - Many cures

This is a down to earth garden tip form Martin’s Pet and Garden.

What are those brown spots on my lawn? A close examination is important in determining why some areas of lawn are brown as we get into the heat of summer.

Many automatic irrigation systems are set to come on very early in the morning, at a time when we cannot observe if all of the sprinklers are rotating correctly or if the water is being blocked by a tree limb or shrub.

The quickest way to determine if an area is getting enough moisture is to set some coffee cans in those areas and measure how much water is in them.

Brown spots may be caused by a lawn disease such as dollar spot or red thread, both of which have been active the past couple of weeks. Lawn fertilizer or a turf fungicide can help with some turf diseases.

If grass is mowed when it is suffering from a lack of moisture, it can result in mower burns. And don’t forget brown spots caused by animals, especially dogs.

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