Blue Spruce

Get them healthy

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

Blue spruce trees are widely planted for landscaping. They have a fairly fast growth rate and their color and form make them a popular tree.

Unfortunately, blue spruce can be impacted by a wide range of insect and disease problems. Many of these diseases like needle cast, tip blights and canker have intensified in the last few years. This causes many spruce trees to have a lot of brown needles on their branches that die and fall off.

Needle cast disease infects the current year’s new growth, but does not start showing symptoms until the next year. Some of these needle cast diseases may be controlled by spraying the tree with a fungicide as the new growth emerges. Spraying this year’s growth can prevent these needles from falling off next year, which means that the trees need to be sprayed every year.

For help with declining spruce trees, stop by Martin’s Pet and Garden Center in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert.

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