Perfect for the patio

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

Growing fresh food is not just for people living in rural areas or for farmers. Growing fresh food can be grown in containers right on your deck or patio. It’s not just a fad, but a way to garden that is here to stay. Seed companies are continually developing varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs that can be grown in containers.

There is no need to buy expensive fancy pots to grow your vegetables and plants in. Western pulp containers come in a wide range of sizes shapes. They are light weight and can be thrown in your compost pile when no longer needed.

Bloombagz are made from recycled fabric. They can be folded up at the end of the season for easy storage and they come in several styles, including a tomato size bag, a strawberry bag and bags to plant potatoes in.

Gardening in containers is simple, fun and rewarding. There’s nothing better than a fresh salad growing right outside your door.

For containers and plants, stop by Martin’s Pet and Garden in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert.

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