50 varieties of tomatoes

Which ones will you choose?

This is a down to earth garden tip from Martin’s Pet and Garden Center.

What kind of tomatoes are you going to plant this year? Sir Speedy, Superfantastic, Sweet Cluster? With hundreds of varieties of tomatoes available, choosing the best one or two can be difficult. We carry over 50 varieties in Chef Jeff line.

Tomatoes vary widely in size, shape, color, plant type, disease resistance, days to maturity and flavor. Most tomato plants fall into 2 categories: determinate, which are more bush types and indeterminate, plants that keep growing or vining.

The Heirloom varieties are known for the superior flavor and colorful names such as Mortgage Lifter and Cherokee Purple and the hybrid varieties that are more disease resistant such as Celebrity and Jet Star.

No matter what tomatoes you grow in your garden, it’s very unlikely that you would find any of them in the grocery store. That’s the best part about growing your own tomatoes, it the fresh flavor that you like the best.

For tomato and vegetable plants stop by Martin’s Pet and Garden Center, in downtown Elkhart, where we make YOU the expert.

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